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This is my wonderful husband, Martin.  I have started doing his genealogy in 2002, I don't have much...but it's getting bigger and bigger.  :-)  Check this page often, since I am currently researching my husband's family line.

I would like to thank Jack & Marianne Dibean for the information on the Dibean family.

Welcome to my web site! Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.  Please be patient, as I am updating this whole website.


DISCLAIMER: I am working on this website, so please be patient with the broken links.  :(




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If the name is underlined, that means it is a direct line from Marty, and either has or will have a web page.

Arnold, Becker, Bixby, Borstler, Brophy, Burbey, Burroughs, Burtraw, Canfield, Carsten (Karsten), Champeau, Chervell, Cloutier, Coggeshall, Collard, Comstock, Cornell, Dalzell, Daniel, De Bow, De Droit-Strait, Dibean, Dimmick, Dod, Dodds, Dolan, Douglass, Dumond, Dutcher, Egerton, Fitzgerald, Foley, Gavagan, Goodwin, Gorman, Greeley, Hawn, Hillis, Hinman, Horton, Hyde, Jenckes, King, Kitchen, Kittle, Krouse, Lale, Lane, Lewes, Londo, Mainwaring, Malonso, Martin, McCullum, McNamee, Meadows, Mellett, Melrose, Messenger, Moss,  Murphy, Nason, Nobel, Obert, Ostram, Papineau, Patterson, Paulison, Pershale, Preston, Ranowski, Reynolds, Roberson-Cummings, Root, Sanford/Sandford, Slaight, Small, Smith, Spink, Stevens, Swift, Truesdale, Tucker, Tuke, Van Derbeck, Van Ness, Volks/Volkes, Wakeley, Warner, Whelpley, Wilmot, Wood

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